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The agriculture sector contributes a great deal to the Indian Economy. Its production has been tremendously supported with modern concepts of farming and enhanced the production capacity of farmlands throughout the country. Khemka Motors emerged as a catalyst to accelerate the growth of the agriculture sector as a whole by introducing the modern concepts of mechanization.

Khemka Motors has served as the change-maker in the industry and has given 7 decades of unparalleled service to the farmers and the agriculture sector alike. With their dedicated service, they were awarded the dealership of John Deere which is a highly prestigious brand.

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7 decades of unparalleled service

With over 70 years of dedicated service, Khemka Motors is known for its high quality offerings

Trusted brand

There are many variations of passages of available, but the majority have suffered.

After sales support

We believe that our work is not just limited to selling quality products but also to provide after sales services that remain satisfying for our customers

High quality offerings

When it comes to buying tractors we have an image for offering the best tractor brands such as John Deere to make for a satisfying purchase.

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