John Deere 5310 Trem IV

Brand Name : John Deere

Product Description:

5310 TREM-IV Tractor

John Deere 5310 is a powerful 57 HP tractor designed with Trem IV emission technology ! Built to deliver exceptional performance, power and reliability. Robust and sturdy design of tractors makes it the best choice for wide range of applications in different soil and topographical conditions. This tractor is best suitable in agricultural applications like ploughing, Tractor mounted combines, haulage, rotary tiller also can handle more than 50 agricultural applications. 

Look out for :


  • Increased Lift Capacity (2500kg) to lift heaviour implements like Potato Planter, 3 Bottom reversible plough and Sugercane Infield haulage
  • High back- up toque 
  • More speed range (12 Forward & 4 Reverse)- GearPro
  • New Styling Hood (Fascia) With louvers with LED Headlamps
  • HPCR (High Pressure Common rail ) Fuel injection system 
  • Dual Torque Mode 
  • Longer service interval
  • Combination Switch
  • Wider platform with rear floor extensions