LEMKEN Melior (Subsoiler)

Brand Name : Lemken

Product Description:

Perfect solution for Soil compaction

Perfect solution for Soil compaction – LEMKEN Melior (Subsoiler)

Soil compaction prevents well-regulated gas exchange & water movement in the soil. Due to this, Crop root growth is hampered, and nutrient uptake is highly restricted. These symptoms lead to yield losses. To prevent this from happening, targeted subsoil loosening is particularly important. LEMKEN’s Melior subsoiler range provides prefect solution for these type of soil compaction problems.


  • Melior’s  basic frame with a 120 mm seamless square profile tube guarantees high stability and long service life.
  •  The short and compact design of the Melior ensures a positive center of gravity. The symmetrical positioning of the tines on the 120 mm square box section frame ensures an even draft.
  • large inter-tine and under frame clearance enables operation in dense trash conditions.
  •  Double-cutting shear bolt devices with a shear force of 8.5 t per bolt provide protection from damage, without deflecting right away on small obstacles. Melior is equipped with a spring-steel cross shaft. Its elasticity absorbs impacts and thus protects the tractor and implement.
  • The hard-faced chisel shares & the stalk guard are reversible and thus provide longer use in field.
  • The flat gradual shape of the Leg makes the Melior particularly easy to pull. It also ensures that the soil breaks up towards the front and upwards.
  • Infinitely variable adjustment of the Leg on the frame from 100 – 190 cm for suitable tractor track width. If required, an addition 3rd Leg is available as an accessory for other loosening measures.

All wear parts are bolted on Melior machine and maybe changed individually with in short time, thus reduces the total maintenance time.

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