Lemken Power Harrow - Perlite 5

Brand Name : Lemken

Product Description:

Perfect engineering for seed bed preparation

Power Harrow - A perfect seed bed preparation implement suitable for all soil conditions

The power harrow is a verstile and effecient implement used for seedbed preparation. it mixes & levels the soil provides the softer look and having granulated yet leveled appearance best suitable for the sowing. The soil will be cultivated to a consistent working depth. The LEMKEN power harrow is suitable for the 40-75 HP range of tractors.

Some salient features of power harrow are...

  • It levels the surface left by the primary soil cultivation uniformly resulting in seedbed for better seed germination.
  • Modular design offers a vertical rotation without creating compaction on the soil or field.
  • The leveling bar with adjustable holes regulates the flow of soil.
  • The  adequate re-consolidation of the soil is supported by variable depth control tube bar roller for providing precise working with.
  • The side shields on each side equipped with special spring prevent the outer tines from creating ridges as well as for stone protector.
  • Overload protective system is provided in the PTO shaft to prevent implement from damage.
  • Each rotor is having its own gear & bearings arrangement to make the machine trouble free.

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