Lemken Spinel Mulcher / Shredder

Brand Name : Lemken

Product Description:

Perfect Solution of Crop Residue Management.

  • Spinel designed with Compact and Efficient Mulcher chamber. Strong alloy steel material gives strength and Durable life for machine.  
  • Rotor shaft is made from seamless alloy steel tube for high strength. Each Rotor is perfectly balanced electronically for smooth and vibration free operation of Mulcher machine even on higher RPM of 2200.
  • Spinel Gear box designed with spiral bevel gear. The helical design of gear produces less vibration and noise than conventional straight-cut or spur-cut gear with straight teeth.
  •  Spinel Mulcher is the safest machine for medium to heavy operation of Crop residue Management. Safety of critical part like bearings, Gear box & Rotor shaft is ensured. 
  •  For different field condition height of roller can be adjusted using the different combination of holes on side plates.

Long Shield provides better protection against possible accident form chopped residue. It ensures all residue stays with in Mulcher chamber as well as easy forward movement of machine.